Sworn to the depths of Inyangani

Heart-wrenching. Thrilling. Riverting

When Elisha, an average college student, starts having strange dreams, he discovers there is more to this realm than he has always assumed and known.

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Sworn to the depths of Inyangani

Heart-wrenching. Thrilling. Riverting

A gripping tale of the macabre; an uncertain journey into a world where powerful spirits linger and meddle with ordinary people

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About Collabowriters

If you’ve watched a relay race, imagine the baton stick being a big pen. It’s something like that.

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Creating synergies between diverse writers to work together in developing stories.

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Promoting artistic collaboration, creative expression and cultural dialogue in the literary arts.

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Investing in a future rich in culture by empowering emerging Zimbabwean writers.

They are WRITE

Check out what some special people say about Collabowriters

Stories not only provide respite but are a critical link between the past, present and the future we dream about. Collabowriters' relay writing represents a practical application of social capital through which societies change for the better.

client Arthur Gwagwa Author

As the name suggests, this is an amazing opportunity for writers to collaborate with like-minded creative thinkers and be part of something bigger than themselves!

client Tsungi Chiwara Author

Collabowriters takes story writing in a completely new direction that will challenge the ability for instant creative thinking. These are the kinds of concepts that are needed in the arts that make artists think differently and hopefully prod them into producing breaking ground products.

client Christopher Mlalazi Author

We all carry good and painful memories from childhood up to the present. When we collaborate as writers, the desire to make our stories cohere with those of others in the same group results in many unexpected stories surfacing. These are stories that could have remained buried in our memories forever.

client Ericah Gwetai Author

The future of critical art is in collaboration. Collaborations are about sharing, pushing each other. This collaborative writing project will change the way writers write and the way readers perceive stories.

client Raisedon Baya Author

Collabowriters speaks of a contemporary literary paradigm of merging storytelling abilities in a manner that has not been explored. The batton-passing attributes of this concept explains the new transition in the culture of writing in Zimbabwe. It's a new turn as far as showing innovation through power of the pen.

client Richard Mahomva Author


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